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Karin Bolstad

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and Design from Western Washington University in 1994, and since then I have worked both as a freelance illustrator and designer and as an in-house illustrator and designer (among other things including, but not limited to: waitress, childcare provider, saucier, assistant manager of a spa, assistant manager of an herbal remedy retail store, oh and so many more random jobs I can’t think of). These days I have abandoned the world of illustration and design and spend my time being a mom, but when I have a free moment, you’ll find me in my studio on Whidbey Island WA, pursuing fine art (get back here, fine art! I’ll git you!). You can often view my artwork in person, and to see where I am currently showing, click on “blog” above and select the category “shows” from the right sidebar.

My artwork is primarily figurative, and my current favorite mediums are acrylic painting, icon writing and mixed media. My process is to find a vintage photo or postcard to use as a model, and then embellish the painting with antique papers, fabrics, jewelry, bits of nature: anything that catches my fancy. Some of my favorite artists (and influences) are Gustav Klimt, Amedeo Modigliani, Kay Nielson, Michael Sowa, Mercer Mayer, and Edward Gorey.